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Our team regularly updates it with new models that may interest you if you are searching for the best cerwin vega subwoofers available today. In addition to being selected by expert reviewers, all products were tested in conditions tailored to your requirements as well, so we can provide only what matters most: top-quality images, no matter how big or small they may be. The list of the top 15 best cerwin vega subwoofers on this page will certainly help you in choosing the best one. Let’s get straight to the top 15 product reviews right now without wasting too much time.

The list of the top 15 cerwin vega subwoofers is given on this page will absolutely help you to grab the best one. Without spending much time, let’s start with the list of top 10 product’s reviews right now.

Your business will stand out from your competition with these top-rated cerwin vega subwoofers. We are confident that these products will be among our most popular items as they boast an average rating of over 4 stars after over 1200+ customer reviews.

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Top 15 List of Best cerwin vega subwoofers is given below

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We’ve taken the time to carefully review top expert opinions concerning cerwin vega subwoofers. After discovering and carefully evaluating more than 150+ products from both leading brands as well as names in the stock market, we’re proud to present a report on these experts’ most highly regarded suggestions for reviews.

Cerwin-Vega XLS-15S 15" Front Firing Powered Subwoofer
  • 15" Cast Frame High Excursion Woofer
  • Adjustable Level Control
  • Speaker Level & Line Level Inputs
  • LFE Input
  • Auto-On Sensing
CERWIN Vega 600 watts Active Spare Tire Application Subwoofers Series (VPAS12ST)
  • Auto Power Cercuit : Power Status LED
  • Adjustable Input Sensitivity : Remote level Control Included
  • RCA high and low-level Inputs : Passive Radiator Design
  • Slim 12" 4 Ohm subwoofer : Power inputs Terminal
  • Dimensions: 14.2” x 5.7” ( 360.68 x 144.78 mm)
Cerwin-Vega VPAS10 10" 2Ω 550W Max / 200W RMS Powered Active Subwoofer Enclosure + Bass Knob
  • Power Handling: Peak: 550 watts RMS: 200 watts
  • PWM MOSFET Power Supply/Thermal Protection Circuit Remote Subwoofer Control Included RCA and High-Level Inputs
  • Delayed Soft Remote Turn On Adjustable Input Sensitivity
  • Variable Bass Boost: 0 - +12 dB Variable Low-pass Filter: 85 - 150 Hz
  • Constant Subsonic Filter: @ 35Hz Selectable Phase : 0 or 180 degrees
Cerwin Vega SPCL152 15" 2Ω 3600W Max Single Voice Coil Subwoofer
  • 15" Single 2 ohm Stroker Pro Classic Series Subwoofer Power Handling: Peak: 2400 watts RMS: 1200 watts Recommended power: 1500 RMS
  • Adjustable phase plug Double spiders: more power handling Detented adjustable voice coil control: Allows precise control of overall excursion, tune up to 15 percent in 5 percent increments
  • Heavy cast aluminum industrial basket High density motor structure for higher power handling
  • Klippel DA optimized motor and suspension symmetry Push terminals 4" Single-layer high temperature voice coil
Cerwin-Vega Home Audio Earthquake 18" Passive Subwoofer
  • Speaker configuration Active/passive: Passive Type: Subwoofer LF driver: 18" MF driver: Not applicable HF driver: Not applicable Power capacity 8 Ohms program/peak: 500W/1000W 4 Ohms program/peak: Audio Frequency response: 45Hz - 328Hz +3dB Coverage pattern: Not applicable Max SPL: 141 dB peak Inputs TRS: Not applicable TS: 1 RCA: Not applicable SPEAKON: 1 Output/thru
  • For over 65 years, no subwoofer has been able to deliver clean, powerful bass better than Cerwin-Vega’s folded horns
  • In the spirit of CV’s innovative and forward thinking founder Gene Czerwinski, the next generation of his groundbreaking, and ground shaking folded horns are here to define and deliver pure, powerful and thunderous bass extension
  • With high-efficiency woofers and cabinets based on Gene’s original designs, plus the new Tour ShieldTM outer coating; Cerwin-Vega combines a tradition of powerful performance with cutting- edge technology
  • 18" Folded Horn EarthquakeTM Bass System Durable Cerwin-Vega Tour Shield Protective Coating 2000W Peak/1000W Program / 500W Continuous Max SPL: 141dB Frequency Response: 37 Hz to 673 Hz Thunderous bass extension down to 37 Hz Acoustic Impedance Balancing Reduces Cone Rocking Cast Aluminum Door Functions as a Heat Sink Reinforced Deep Pole Cup For over 65 years, no subwoofer has been able to deliver clean, powerful bass better than Cerwin-Vega’s folded horns
Cerwin-Vega XLS-12 12" 3-Way Home Audio Floor Tower Speaker
  • 12" Cast Frame High Excursion Woofer
  • Adjustable Level Control
  • Speaker Level & Line Level Inputs
  • LFE Input
  • Auto-On Sensing
CERWIN Vega Under Seat Enclosed Powered Plug and Play Subwoofers Series (VPAS12)
  • Power: 150W [email protected]@100Hz, 600W Max
  • Bass Boost: 0-12dB LPF Filter: 30-150Hz Phase Switch: 0 or 180 degrees
  • PWM MOSFET Power Supply/Thermal Protection Circuit Adjustable Input Sensitivity Remote Subwoofer Control Included
  • RCA and High-Level Inputs Passive Radiator Design Slim 12” 4Ω subwoofer Remote Bass Knob Included
  • Dimensions: 13.6” X 11.1” X 3.15”(L X W X H) 345 X 282 X 80 mm (L X W X H)
Cerwin-Vega Home Audio CVI118S 1200 Watts 18" Dedicated Passive Subwoofer
  • Low Frequency System: Reflex loaded 18 in. transducer
  • Enclosure Type: Vented, polygon
  • Enclosure Structure: 18mm OSB, internal bracing
  • External Covering: Black polypropylene fiber
  • Grille Material: 18 gauge black powder coated steel
Cerwin Vega BKX212V 12" 4Ω 3000W Subwoofers Vented Enclosure comes with Amplifier
  • 4-Ohm Loaded XED Basskit Series Vented Enclosure
  • Bass Amplifier
CERWIN Vega Under Seat Enclosed Powered Plug and Play Subwoofers Series (VRAD10)
  • 10" 4 Ohm Vega Series Subwoofer Built-In Passive Radiator
  • Power Handling: Peak: 600 watts RMS: 200 watts
  • Remote Subwoofer Control Included RCA and High-Level Inputs
  • Subsonic Filter: 35Hz Low Pass Filter: 30Hz - 150Hz
  • Phase Switch: 0 or 180 degree Bass Boost: 0 to 12 dB
Cerwin-Vega ST104D 10" 4Ω 1600W Max / 800W RMS Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer
  • Cerwin-Vega Mobile has established an unsurpassed reputation for performance quality efficiency and reliability.
  • Modern design innovations such as an elevated motor structure for advanced cooling application is what keeps the STROKER subwoofers ahead of the game!
  • A lot of that praise can be attributed to the STROKER series of products. The new STROKER series subwoofers will continue to add to the legacy!
  • Sensitivity: 82.7 dB
Cerwin Vega Home Audio INT-252V2 15" 1400W 2-Way Passive Subwoofer - Black
  • Stronger drivers by beefing up the build quality with the addition of more steel.
  • Enhanced durability by upgrading the cabinet construction with internal bracing.
  • Better performance is achieved by increasing the size of the magnets on the compression drivers.
  • Improved dependability from a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistor that protects the tweeter. This component acts as a self-repairing fuse allowing the speaker to return to normal operation once the input fault is corrected.
Cerwin-Vega Earthquake 18" Powered Sub
  • Speaker configuration Active/passive: Active Type: Subwoofer LF driver: 18" MF driver: N/A HF driver: N/A Power Amplifier class: D Wattage: 2000 Mixer/preamp: N/A Audio Frequency response: 44hZ - 336Hz +3dB Coverage pattern: N/A Max SPL: 136 dB peak Inputs XLR: 1 XLR/TRS combo TRS: N/A TS: N/A RCA: N/A Output/thru XLR: 1 TRS: N/A TS: N/A SpeakON: N/A

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